Lakers vs Warriors

The “Lakers vs Warriors” matchups have showcased some of the sport’s greatest talents and most memorable moments. This comparison will delve into various aspects of these two storied franchises, highlighting their achievements, key players, and overall impact on the game. The rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors has been a significant part of NBA history, captivating basketball fans for decades.

Comparison table : Lakers vs Warriors

CategoryLos Angeles LakersGolden State Warriors
Founded1947 (as Minneapolis Lakers)1946 (as Philadelphia Warriors)
Relocated1960 (to Los Angeles)1962 (to San Francisco), 1971 (to Oakland)
Current CityLos Angeles, CaliforniaSan Francisco, California ArenaChase Center
Team ColorsPurple, Gold, BlackRoyal Blue, Golden Yellow
NBA Championships177
Conference Titles3212
Division Titles3312
Playoff Appearances6235
Hall of Famers2617
Retired Numbers116
All-Star Selections13981
MVP Awards83
Scoring Titles113
Defensive Player of the Year Awards11
Sixth Man of the Year Awards21
Most Improved Player Awards11
Rookie of the Year Awards43
Coach of the Year Awards63
Executive of the Year Awards22
All-Time Wins3,4602,873
All-Time Losses2,3813,034
All-Time Win Percentage.592.486
Best Single-Season Record69-13 (1971-72)73-9 (2015-16)
Worst Single-Season Record17-65 (2015-16)17-65 (2019-20)
Longest Winning Streak33 games (1971-72)28 games (2014-15 to 2015-16)
Most Points in a Game (Team)162 (vs. Phoenix, 1972)162 (vs. Denver, 2022)
Most Points in a Game (Player)81 (Kobe Bryant, 2006)62 (Klay Thompson, 2016)
All-Time Leading ScorerKobe Bryant (33,643 points)Stephen Curry (22,042 points as of 2024)
All-Time Assist LeaderMagic Johnson (10,141 assists)Stephen Curry (7,297 assists as of 2024)
All-Time Rebound LeaderKareem Abdul-Jabbar (10,279 rebounds)Nate Thurmond (12,771 rebounds)
All-Time Steals LeaderMagic Johnson (1,724 steals)Stephen Curry (1,960 steals as of 2024)
All-Time Blocks LeaderKareem Abdul-Jabbar (2,694 blocks)Adonal Foyle (1,140 blocks)
All-Time 3-Pointers MadeKobe Bryant (1,827)Stephen Curry (3,600+ as of 2024)
NBA Finals Appearances3212
NBA Finals Win Percentage.531 (17-15).583 (7-5)
Longest Playoff Streak30 seasons (1977-2006)8 seasons (2013-2020)
50-Win Seasons3213
60-Win Seasons114
All-NBA First Team Selections4315
All-NBA Team Selections (Total)9742
All-Defensive First Team Selections237
All-Defensive Team Selections (Total)4515
Most Points in a Season (Team)10,252 (1986-87)9,681 (2015-16)
Highest Scoring Average (Season)125.0 PPG (1986-87)118.1 PPG (2015-16)
Lowest Points Allowed (Season)6,534 (1954-55)7,611 (1998-99, lockout-shortened)
Best Defensive Average (Season)88.9 PPG (1999-2000)95.0 PPG (2014-15)
Largest Margin of Victory63 points (vs. Warriors, 1972)73 points (vs. Kings, 1991)
Most Home Wins (Season)37 (2008-09)39 (2015-16)
Most Road Wins (Season)33 (1971-72)34 (2015-16)
Highest Attendance (Season)846,068 (2018-19)803,436 (2015-16)
Average Attendance (2022-23)18,61718,064
Forbes Valuation (2023)$5.9 billion$7.0 billion
NBA G League AffiliateSouth Bay LakersSanta Cruz Warriors
NBA 2K League TeamLakers GamingWarriors Gaming Squad
Social Media Followers (Combined)70+ million60+ million
Championship Drought3 years (as of 2024)1 year (as of 2024)
Legendary CoachesPhil Jackson, Pat RileySteve Kerr, Don Nelson
Iconic PlayersKobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-JabbarStephen Curry, Wilt Chamberlain, Rick Barry
Current SuperstarsLeBron James, Anthony DavisStephen Curry, Klay Thompson
Notable RivalriesCeltics, Spurs, ClippersCavaliers, Rockets, Clippers
Championship Eras1950s, 1980s, 2000s, 20201950s, 1970s, 2010s
Longest Tenured PlayerKobe Bryant (20 seasons)Stephen Curry (15+ seasons as of 2024)
Most Seasons as Head CoachJerry West (9 seasons)Al Attles (14 seasons)
MascotNoneThunder the Mascot
NBA All-Star Game Hosts6 times2 times
NBA Draft Lottery Wins21
Number 1 Overall Draft Picks43
Olympic Gold Medalists179
FIBA World Cup Gold Medalists74
Players with 50+ Point Games116
Triple-Doubles (Franchise)388197
20,000 Point Scorers73
10,000 Point Scorers2213
Players with Jersey Retired116
NBA Cares Community Assist Award Winners32
Sportsmanship Award Winners12
J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award Winners52
Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees (Players & Coaches)2617
NBA 75th Anniversary Team Members83
Christmas Day Game Appearances4814
Opening Night Game Appearances4012
NBA Finals MVP Awards93
All-Star Game MVP Awards82
Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award Winners11
NBA Teammate of the Year Award Winners01
Players with 60+ Point Games32
70+ Point Games11
Players with Multiple Scoring Titles21
Franchise Single-Game Scoring Record81 (Kobe Bryant)62 (Klay Thompson)
Most 3-Pointers in a Season (Team)1,005 (2021-22)1,323 (2015-16)
Most 3-Pointers in a Game (Team)26 (vs. Charlotte, 2023)27 (vs. Chicago, 2018)
Most 3-Pointers in a Game (Player)10 (Kobe Bryant)14 (Klay Thompson)
Consecutive Games with a 3-Pointer (Player)156 (Nick Van Exel)233 (Stephen Curry)
Longest Home Winning Streak41 games (2015-16 to 2016-17)54 games (2014-15 to 2016-17)
Most Seasons with 60+ Wins23
Seasons Below .500 Win Percentage2446
Playoff Series Won6831
Playoff Games Won456245
Most Points in a Playoff Game (Team)153 (vs. Denver, 1987)147 (vs. Portland, 2017)
Most Points in a Playoff Game (Player)61 (Elgin Baylor)50 (Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant)
Longest Playoff Winning Streak13 games (1988-89)15 games (2017)
Note: The data in this comparison table is current as of April 2024.

It’s important to note that sports statistics and achievements are constantly evolving, and new records may be set or broken after this date. For the most up-to-date information, it’s always best to consult official NBA sources or the teams’ official websites.