Lakers vs Nuggets

The “Lakers vs Denver” rivalry has been one of the most exciting matchups in the NBA’s Western Conference in recent years. Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets both teams have a rich history and have faced each other numerous times in regular season games and playoff series. This comparison will delve into various aspects of these two franchises, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance.

Comparison table : Lakers vs Nuggets

CategoryLos Angeles LakersDenver Nuggets
Founded1947 (as Minneapolis Lakers)1967
LocationLos Angeles, CaliforniaDenver, Colorado ArenaBall Arena
Team ColorsPurple, Gold, BlackNavy Blue, Red, Yellow
Championships17 (1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010, 2020)1 (2023)
Conference Titles322
Division Titles3312
All-Time Win-Loss Record3,454-2,365 (.594)2,097-2,089 (.501)
Playoff Appearances6225
Hall of Famers267
Retired Numbers116
Current Head CoachDarvin HamMichael Malone
Notable Current PlayersLeBron James, Anthony DavisNikola Jokić, Jamal Murray
NBA MVP Awards83
NBA Finals MVP Awards91
All-Star Selections14542
All-NBA Team Selections7516
Defensive Player of the Year Awards40
Sixth Man of the Year Awards20
Most Improved Player Awards11
Rookie of the Year Awards40
Coach of the Year Awards21
Executive of the Year Awards23
All-Time Leading ScorerKobe Bryant (33,643 points)Alex English (21,645 points)
All-Time Leading RebounderElgin Baylor (11,463 rebounds)Dan Issel (6,630 rebounds)
All-Time Assists LeaderMagic Johnson (10,141 assists)Nikola Jokić (3,806 assists)
Single-Season Scoring RecordElgin Baylor (38.3 PPG, 1961-62)Alex English (28.4 PPG, 1985-86)
Single-Season Rebounding RecordWilt Chamberlain (21.1 RPG, 1968-69)Dikembe Mutombo (14.5 RPG, 1994-95)
Single-Season Assists RecordMagic Johnson (13.1 APG, 1983-84)Nikola Jokić (9.8 APG, 2022-23)
Longest Winning Streak33 games (1971-72)15 games (2012-13)
Most Wins in a Season69 (1971-72)57 (2012-13)
Highest Scoring Game162 points (vs. Suns, 1972)168 points (vs. Sonics, 2008)
Largest Margin of Victory63 points (vs. Warriors, 1972)65 points (vs. Hornets, 2023)
NBA G League AffiliateSouth Bay LakersGrand Rapids Gold
Team Value (Forbes 2023)$5.9 billion$2.05 billion
Social Media Followers (Combined)55+ million7+ million
Best Regular Season Record69-13 (.841, 1971-72)57-25 (.695, 2012-13)
Worst Regular Season Record17-65 (.207, 2015-16)11-71 (.134, 1997-98)
Most Points in a Game (Individual)Kobe Bryant (81 points, 2006)David Thompson (73 points, 1978)
Most Rebounds in a Game (Individual)Wilt Chamberlain (42 rebounds, 1968)Dikembe Mutombo (31 rebounds, 1996)
Most Assists in a Game (Individual)Magic Johnson (24 assists, 1989)Nikola Jokić (18 assists, 2023)
Most Three-Pointers in a Season (Team)1,061 (2020-21)1,068 (2022-23)
Highest Attendance (Single Season)847,243 (2018-19)812,430 (2022-23)
Average Ticket Price (2023-24)$199$96
TV Deal Value$3 billion (20-year deal with Spectrum)$1.2 billion (10-year deal with Altitude Sports)
International Players on Current Roster47
NBA 75th Anniversary Team Members111
Olympic Gold Medalists123
FIBA World Cup Gold Medalists52
Most Points in a Playoff Game (Team)153 (vs. Suns, 1985)147 (vs. Clippers, 2020)
Most Points in a Playoff Game (Individual)Elgin Baylor (61 points, 1962)Jamal Murray (50 points, 2020)
Longest Playoff Streak17 seasons (1977-1993)10 seasons (2013-2023)
Number of 50-Win Seasons327
Number of 60-Win Seasons110
Number of Last-Place Finishes58
Most Three-Pointers in a Game (Team)24 (vs. Nuggets, 2021)24 (vs. Warriors, 2018)
Largest Comeback Victory36 points (vs. Kings, 2002)31 points (vs. Grizzlies, 2022)
Number of Players with 50+ Point Games116
Number of Triple-Doubles (All-Time)285186
Most Triple-Doubles in a Season (Team)27 (2021-22)32 (2022-23)
Most Triple-Doubles in a Season (Individual)Russell Westbrook (18, 2021-22)Nikola Jokić (28, 2022-23)
Longest Home Winning Streak41 games (1979-80)24 games (2012-13)
Longest Road Winning Streak16 games (1971-72)15 games (2022-23)
Most Consecutive Playoff Appearances17 (1977-1993)10 (2013-2023)
Most Playoff Games Played790270
Playoff Win-Loss Record456-334 (.577)129-141 (.478)
Number of Playoff Series Won8719
Number of Game 7 Wins166
Most Points in a Quarter (Team)51 (vs. Knicks, 2014)50 (vs. Nets, 2008)
Fewest Points in a Game (Team)66 (vs. Pacers, 2002)64 (vs. Pacers, 1997)
Fewest Points Allowed in a Game54 (vs. Jazz, 2003)64 (vs. Magic, 2012)
Number of 20+ PPG Scorers (All-Time)139
Number of Players with 10,000+ Career Points188
Number of Players with 5,000+ Career Rebounds147
Number of Players with 2,000+ Career Assists128
Most Seasons with 50+ Wins327
Most Consecutive Winning Seasons27 (1976-2003)10 (2013-2023)
Number of First Overall Draft Picks20
Number of Top 5 Draft Picks1411
Draft Picks That Became All-Stars2611
Number of Jersey Retirements116
All-Time Points Per Game Average109.7107.3
All-Time Rebounds Per Game Average44.743.1
All-Time Assists Per Game Average24.224.0
All-Time Field Goal Percentage47.4%47.1%
All-Time Three-Point Percentage34.9%35.7%
All-Time Free Throw Percentage75.8%76.2%
Number of 30+ PPG Seasons (Individual)110
Number of 15+ RPG Seasons (Individual)71
Number of 10+ APG Seasons (Individual)60
Most Points in a Season (Team)9,969 (1981-82)9,120 (2022-23)
Fewest Points in a Season (Team)6,656 (2015-16)6,644 (1998-99)
Highest Offensive Rating (Season)115.6 (1984-85)117.6 (2022-23)
Lowest Defensive Rating (Season)96.9 (1999-00)101.2 (2011-12)
Number of All-Defensive Team Selections317
Note: The data in this comparison table is current as of the end of the 2022-2023 NBA season, which concluded with the Denver Nuggets winning their first NBA championship.

It’s important to note that some statistics, especially those related to current players and recent achievements, may have changed since then. For the most up-to-date information, it’s advisable to check official NBA and team sources.