Lakers vs Bulls

The Lakers vs Bulls rivalry is one of the most storied in NBA history. Both franchises have had periods of dominance and have featured some of the greatest players to ever grace the basketball court. The Lakers, based in Los Angeles, and the Bulls, hailing from Chicago, have captivated fans for decades with their impressive performances and championship runs.

Comparison table : Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls

CategoryLos Angeles LakersChicago Bulls
Founded1947 (as Minneapolis Lakers)1966
Relocated1960 (to Los Angeles)N/A
DivisionPacificCentral ArenaUnited Center
NBA Championships176
Conference Titles326
Division Titles339
Playoff Appearances6235
Hall of Famers2614
Retired Numbers114
All-Time Win-Loss Record3,460-2,381 (.592)2,285-2,277 (.501)
Most Points in a Game153 (vs. Detroit, 1959)156 (vs. Portland, 1984)
Fewest Points in a Game66 (vs. Charlotte, 2002)49 (vs. Miami, 1999)
Longest Winning Streak33 games (1971-72)18 games (1995-96)
Most Wins in a Season69 (1971-72)72 (1995-96)
Fewest Wins in a Season17 (2015-16)15 (2000-01)
All-Time Leading ScorerKobe Bryant (33,643 points)Michael Jordan (29,277 points)
All-Time Assist LeaderMagic Johnson (10,141 assists)Michael Jordan (5,012 assists)
All-Time Rebound LeaderKareem Abdul-Jabbar (10,279 rebounds)Michael Jordan (6,672 rebounds)
All-Time Steals LeaderMagic Johnson (1,724 steals)Michael Jordan (2,306 steals)
All-Time Blocks LeaderKareem Abdul-Jabbar (2,694 blocks)Artis Gilmore (1,029 blocks)
Most Points in a SeasonElgin Baylor (2,719 in 1961-62)Michael Jordan (3,041 in 1986-87)
Most Assists in a SeasonMagic Johnson (989 in 1983-84)Norm Van Lier (707 in 1970-71)
Most Rebounds in a SeasonWilt Chamberlain (2,099 in 1960-61)Artis Gilmore (1,150 in 1977-78)
Most Steals in a SeasonMagic Johnson (207 in 1980-81)Michael Jordan (259 in 1987-88)
Most Blocks in a SeasonKareem Abdul-Jabbar (283 in 1975-76)Artis Gilmore (170 in 1981-82)
Highest Scoring Average (Season)Elgin Baylor (38.3 in 1961-62)Michael Jordan (37.1 in 1986-87)
Most 3-Pointers Made (Career)Kobe Bryant (1,827)Kirk Hinrich (1,049)
Most 3-Pointers Made (Season)Nick Van Exel (183 in 1994-95)Ben Gordon (205 in 2006-07)
Longest Tenured PlayerKobe Bryant (20 seasons)Michael Jordan (13 seasons)
Most All-Star SelectionsKobe Bryant (18)Michael Jordan (14)
Most MVP AwardsKareem Abdul-Jabbar (3)Michael Jordan (5)
Most Finals MVP AwardsMagic Johnson (3)Michael Jordan (6)
Defensive Player of the Year AwardsMichael Cooper (1)Michael Jordan (1)
Sixth Man of the Year AwardsLamar Odom (1)Ben Gordon (1)
Most Recent Championship20201998
Championship Drought10 years (2010-2020)25 years (1998-present)
Longest Playoff Streak30 seasons (1977-2006)8 seasons (1991-1998)
Current Head CoachDarvin HamBilly Donovan
Most Successful CoachPhil Jackson (5 championships)Phil Jackson (6 championships)
Winningest CoachPat Riley (533 wins)Phil Jackson (545 wins)
Team ColorsPurple, Gold, BlackRed, Black, White
MascotNoneBenny the Bull
OwnershipBuss Family TrustsJerry Reinsdorf
Valued at$5.5 billion (2023)$3.65 billion (2023)
Revenue (2022)$454 million$344 million
TV NetworkSpectrum SportsNetNBC Sports Chicago
Radio StationESPN LA 710WSCR 670 AM
G League AffiliateSouth Bay LakersWindy City Bulls
NBA Draft Picks (All-Time)458426
First Round Draft Picks6455
Highest Draft Pick1st (multiple times)1st (Derrick Rose, 2008)
Most Famous Draft PickMagic Johnson (1979)Michael Jordan (1984)
Biggest Draft BustAnthony Bennett (2013)Marcus Fizer (2000)
Most Recent All-StarAnthony Davis (2023)Zach LaVine (2022)
Most All-NBA First Team SelectionsKobe Bryant (11)Michael Jordan (10)
Most All-Defensive First Team SelectionsKobe Bryant (9)Michael Jordan (9)
Scoring Titles11 (Bryant 2, Abdul-Jabbar 2, O’Neal 1, Chamberlain 3, Mikan 3)10 (All by Michael Jordan)
Rebounding Titles9 (Chamberlain 3, Mikan 3, Abdul-Jabbar 1, O’Neal 2)3 (Rodman)
Assist Titles6 (All by Magic Johnson)0
Steals Titles2 (Jerry West 1, Magic Johnson 1)3 (All by Michael Jordan)
Blocks Titles4 (All by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)0
Most Points in a Game (Individual)Kobe Bryant (81 vs. Toronto, 2006)Michael Jordan (69 vs. Cleveland, 1990)
Triple-Doubles (Franchise)393189
50-Point Games (Franchise)13147
60-Point Games (Franchise)114
Highest Attendance (Single Game)31,285 (vs. Boston at LA Memorial Coliseum, 1961)62,046 (vs. Atlanta at Georgia Dome, 1998)
Average Home Attendance (2022-23)18,61720,881
Sellout Streak320 games (2007-2014)610 games (1987-2000)
Championship Win Percentage17/32 (53.1%)6/6 (100%)
Finals Appearances326
50-Win Seasons3212
60-Win Seasons114
70-Win Seasons01
Number of Head Coaches (All-Time)2723
Longest Tenured CoachJohn Kundla (11 seasons)Phil Jackson (9 seasons)
Shortest Tenured CoachEdwin Karpowitz (2 games)Scotty Robertson (30 games)
Most Famous RivalryBoston CelticsDetroit Pistons
Most Championships in a Decade5 (1980s)6 (1990s)
Longest Championship Drought33 years (1954-1987)25 years (1998-present)
Most Famous TradeAcquired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1975)Acquired Dennis Rodman (1995)
Most Famous Free Agent SigningShaquille O’Neal (1996)Ron Harper (1994)
Biggest Rivalry Game Attendance35,520 (vs. Boston at LA Memorial Coliseum, 1963)62,046 (vs. Atlanta at Georgia Dome, 1998)
Highest Single-Season Payroll$175 million (2022-23)$136 million (2022-23)
Most All-Stars in a Single Season4 (1962, 1983, 1998)3 (1994, 1996, 1997)
Largest Margin of Victory63 points (vs. Golden State, 1972)56 points (vs. Milwaukee, 1975)
Largest Margin of Defeat49 points (vs. Golden State, 2016)53 points (vs. Minnesota, 2001)
Most Overtime Games in a Season16 (1961-62)13 (2013-14)
Longest Game6OT vs. Rochester Royals (1951)4OT vs. Atlanta Hawks (2019)
Most Points in a Quarter51 (vs. New York, 2014)49 (vs. Portland, 1984)
Fewest Points in a Quarter2 (vs. Golden State, 2016)4 (vs. Miami, 1999)
Most 3-Pointers in a Game24 (vs. New Orleans, 2023)24 (vs. Memphis, 2021)
Longest Home Winning Streak41 games (1979-80)44 games (1995-96)
Longest Road Winning Streak16 games (1971-72)14 games (1995-96)
Most Players Used in a Season28 (2014-15)23 (2000-01)
Fewest Players Used in a Season10 (1952-53)12 (1995-96)
Highest Offensive Rating (Season)115.6 (1986-87)115.2 (1995-96)
Lowest Defensive Rating (Season)95.2 (1999-00)98.8 (1995-96)
Most Recent Jersey RetirementKobe Bryant (#8 and #24, 2017)Michael Jordan (#23, 1994)

Note: The data in this comparison table is current as of the end of the 2022-2023 NBA season. Some statistics, such as all-time records and individual player achievements, may have been updated during the 2023-2024 season. For the most up-to-date information, it’s recommended to check official NBA and team sources.